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James McKinney

1498 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Susannah Vila , James McKinney 1498 days ago
  • TA Bridge Discussion List <tech-discuss@lists.transparency-initiative.org>
  • T/A in Institutions: 
  • Legislative
  • Parliaments
  • Political Parties
  • Executive
  • Judicial
James M
  • Transparency International (is there a list?)
  • T/A in Corporations
  • Corporate Accountability International (is there a community for this?)
  • Lobbyist Monitoring (is there a community for this?)
  • T/A in the Extractive Industry
  • Access to Information
  • T/A in in Delivery of Public Services 
  • T/A in Spending: 
  • General: OKFN Open Spending
  • Open Contracting
  • Donor/Aid 
  • Budgets

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