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Susannah V Citizen Reporting Skill Share 
I. Introduction of participants and conversation (10 minutes).
Please just share your name and your role in the call!! In this order:
Ana + Predrag
Priti + Satyarupa
Asim Fayaz
II. Presentation of tactics (1 hour, same order as above). Raise your hand during the presentations to make a comment! Why did this tactic lead to the results it did? What could have been done differently? Have you seen this elsewhere? How it might have been used in different advocacy contexts. 
SERBIA: What’s Your Doctor Like? is a participatory platform for rating health services in Serbia. Using an offline mobilization tactic borrowed from the Obama campaign and the work of Harvard professor Marshall Ganz, they got 13,000 Serbians to share reports in one month’s time.
ROMANIA: A Romanian website, Bribe Market, asks people to share positive interactions with public service providers instead of negative ones. This tactic, which has also been tried by Ukraine’s Aybolit and India’s I Paid a Bribe, is based on the assumption that people will be more likely to share positive experiences because they’ll be less worried about retribution.  
INDIA: Transparent Chennai goes door to door and invites residents to participate in community mappings of problems related to public service delivery. They’ve done this in a variety of slums, or wards, in India’s Southern State of Chennai, and will discuss what’s worked and what hasn’t worked so far for getting citizens to participate. 
MEXICO: OPI is a Mexican organization that recently collaborated with the local government of Acapulco to turn a Facebook profile into a citizen complaint box. They learned that young people wouldn’t communicate directly with the health ministry’s service providers, but that they would share concerns and suggestions with a fictional government volunteer named “Adrix Romero” via her Facebook persona. 
PAKISTAN: The Punjab Model is a government-led initiative in the Punjab province of Pakistan that goes directly to citizens and asks them about their experience accessing public services. The Punjab Model has gone through three phases of trial and error, and will share recommendations for others who want to adapt their model. 
III. Open conversation and wrap up (less than 10 mins)
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Susannah V For sharers: 
  • Reports can be customized with their own titles and descriptions. When they're downloaded as CSVs, that file name should be customizable and it should have the tags as columns. Right now, a report that is downloaded as a CSV file doesn't include the tags (support type, etc) for the items in the report.
  1. example// Afrilabs creates a report of innovation labs in Sub-Saharan Africa. It shares a link with a journalist, but wanted Afrilabs branding to be on the page that the journalist ends up at when she clicks this link 
  • they should be able to update their own report (or their collection, if the above is taken care of and we're calling it that) with listings and automatically update the hyperlink from the collection.
For sharees:
  1. Sharee should have all the  sharing options available to them. Right now he has to recreate the report if he wants to share it in another way.
  1. when they click on the shared link and arrive at the page with the shared report they should see the description added by the report creator in between the line that currently says "shared with you" and the first listing. 
  1. Instead of saying: "A Report has been shared with you. The resources are listed in the sidebar, on the right" the sharee should see a popup that says "ORGANIZATION B HAS SHARED A report with you. The resources are listed in the sidebar, on the right."
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